For We Are Many
(Oswold I)

Status: Completed. Actively seeking literary representation.

Out of the Tombs
(Oswold II)

​Status: Writing

Genre: Horror / Paranormal / ​Crime Procedural

Format: Novel

Word Count: 112,000

Summary: William Peter Blatty meets Frank Peretti. In small-town Pennsylvania, a newly-appointed Baptist pastor struggles to settle in while gruesome murders plague the city. Evidence soon suggests the murders are connected to his church. A funeral introduces the minister to an aging Catholic priest, from whom he learns demonic forces may be at work. The press wants answers. The mayor wants an arrest. An agnostic lieutenant has a suspect. But it's up to the pastor's wife, who teams up with a local detective, to dig up the truth in a local cemetery and end the madness before a perverted exorcism takes her husband's life.

Genre: Horror / Paranormal / ​Crime Procedural

Format: Novel

Word Count: TBD

​​Summary: Delilah splits from her conservative church to start a new faith community. Built over an old church cemetery, the new congregation thrives and grows into a megachurch, but the souls buried there are now restless and megachurch members are dropping like flies. Three men, who conducted a séance when teenagers at the old cemetery, return as adults to stop the carnage. 

Into the Pigs
(Oswold III)

​Status: Planning.

Genre: Horror / Paranormal / ​Crime Procedural

Format: Novel

Word Count: TBD

Summary: Conclusion of the Oswold Trilogy.

Limbo's End

Status: Completed

Centerfolds for Dummies

Status: Published.

Genre: Literary Adventure
Word Count: 56,000
Format: Novel
Summary: If you can imagine folding "Lord of the Flies" into "Mutiny on the Bounty" and topping with the socio-political layers of "Gilligan's Island," you might enjoy this. It was my first book and a conscious effort to blend genres.

Genre: Adult Dysfunctional Romance (maybe? you decide)
Format: Short Story

Candy Kane: A True Story

Status: Unplublished.